Price Guide

Prices start from $295, this is our minimum charge.

Please find below an approximate price guide on what our cakes start from. These are starting prices only and the final price will be determined on the design. Please contact us for a quote.

Birthday cakes – From $295

3D Cakes – From $295

Multi – tiered cakes – From $390

3D Craved/Sculpted Car , Boat and Motorcycle Cakes – From $650

Quality , unique cakes at quality prices. Catering for clientele that appreciate , understand and respect the art of edible handcrafted creations.

Our prices are first calculated on design , hours required to complete , technicality and then the servings amount. Our prices are not based on how small the cake is. Some technical designs may have less servings but are higher in price , opposed to a cake with a higher amount of serving portions.